The Cooperative Program for the Conservation of Japanese Art Objects Overseas in fiscal year 2008

 The National Research Institute for Cultural Properties, Tokyo has been cooperating in the conservation and restoration of Japanese art objects that are in the collections of museums overseas and conducting studies on the conservation and restoration of target works in collaboration with the museums that own these objects.
 In the fiscal year 2008, conservation and restoration will be carried out in Japan for four paintings: “Matsu ni Kujaku zu Byobu” (Peacocks and Pine Trees; a 6-paneled folding screen; Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Canada), “Hoshi Mandala zu” (Star Mandala; hanging scroll; Vancouver Museum, Canada), “Mushi Uta-awase Emaki” (Poetry Contest of Insects; hand scroll; Museo Nazionale d’Arte Orientale, Italy), and “Yujo Tachisugata zu” (Courtesan, by Miyagawa Choshun; Museo d’Arte Orientale “Edoardo Chiossone,” Italy), as well as for four craftworks: “Sumiyoshi Makie Bundai” (Writing table; Victoria and Albert Museum, England), “Kacho Monsho Makie Tate” (Leather shield; Ashmolean Museum, England), “Omi Hakkei Makie Kodana” (Pair of shelves for incense; Museum Velke Mezirici, Czech Republic), and “Rohkaku Sansui Makie-bako” (Cabinet with Mounting, European influenced shape; Museum fur Angewandte Wien, Austria; continued from the last fiscal year). Moreover, at the overseas restoration studio established in the Museum fur Ostasiatische Kunst in Cologne, Germany, conservation and restoration of “Kajuchoju Makie Raden Yobitsu” (Ornamental Coffer with flower and bird design, makie and raden technique) is in progress (3rd year of 3 consecutive years). In addition, from this fiscal year, at the restoration studio for paper in the Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin, conservation and restoration of “Darumazu” (Bodhidharma; a painting in the collection of Museum fur Ostasiatische Kunst; to be continued for 2 years) will be carried out. In this overseas restoration studio, a workshop for overseas staff engaged in restoration is scheduled to be held in parallel with the actual restoration work.

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