Result of self-evaluation for the fiscal year 2007

 The Evaluation Committee considering the self-evaluation of the National Research Institutes for Cultural Properties in Tokyo and Nara was held on May 19, 2008. On this occasion, we presented to the Committee reports on all the projects that were executed during the fiscal year 2007 as member institutes in the Independent Administrative Institution, the National Institutes for Cultural Heritage. The status of all the projects was explained in terms of their implementation and/or results, and the Committee members were asked for their opinions. At a later date, we compiled our self-evaluation, taking into account the evaluations and opinions of the Committee members. The following is the outline of the completed self-evaluation regarding the projects executed by the National Research Institute for Cultural Properties, Tokyo.
 The projects drawn up by the National Research Institute for Cultural Properties, Tokyo during the fiscal year 2007 with the aim of fulfilling its mid-term plan encompassed a wide range of activities, including surveys and research, international cooperation, publicizing and transmitting of information about the results of the surveys and research, and rendering of cooperation and advice to such bodies as the national government and local public bodies. The activity most highly evaluated by the Committee was our cooperation with the projects related to the conservation of the wall paintings of Takamatsuzuka and Kitora Tumuli. Both Institutes, Tokyo and Nara, were praised for achieving results in this difficult task beyond those planned for, in the midst of the great interest and scrutiny from the whole nation. Regarding the projects for international cooperation, it was noted that a maturing cooperative relationship was being developed with China and South Korea, and that further assistance had been rendered to such countries as Cambodia and Afghanistan under difficult conditions. In addition, our contribution to human resources development through the improvement of the knowledge and skills of people associated with various cultural properties, an endeavor achieved by hosting training and providing positive advice, was highly evaluated. However, it cannot be said that our efforts have been adequately conveyed to the general public and an improvement in our ability to publicize information is expected. As a result of the self-evaluation, we concluded that all the projects for the fiscal year 2007 had proceeded well and that sufficient results had been achieved. The results of this self-evaluation will be reflected in future project planning and the improvement of the administration of the Institute.

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