Contribution of books owned by the late Professor Suzuki Kei

 We reported in Tobunken News Vol. 36 that, among the books of the late Professor Suzuki Kei (passed away on October 18, 2007), the leading authority on Chinese picture history and Professor Emeritus at Tokyo University, the “Wenyuange Edition Siku Quanshu”, “Si Bu Cong Kan Chu Bian Suo Ben” and “Da Qing Li Chao Shi Lu” were offered by his bereaved wife Teruko to the Institute in December 2008. On October 26, Ms. Suzuki Teruko additionally donated the series of publications – “an authorized collection of all-time books” and “Tien-i-ko tsang Ming-tai fang-chih hsuan-kan”. These donated series of publications enrich the library of the institute. We will arrange and register them in sequence so that many people can read and make use of them.

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