Training Course for Museum Curators in Charge of Conservation

Case study

 We held the 27th training course during a period of two weeks starting July 12, and participants included 32 curators and the persons in charge of cultural properties administration nationwide. In these training sessions they focused on basic knowledge and technology concerning the conservation environment, deterioration, and restoration of various cultural properties. The course included lectures and practical training on conservation.
 A practical museum environment training case study was carried out at the Sodegaura-city Folk Museum. Participants were divided into eight groups, each of which investigated the temperature, humidity, illumination, disaster prevention equipment, and conservation environment of cultural properties outdoors. They presented their results the following day, and questions and answers were provided.
 The conservation of materials from the standpoint of natural science will be increasingly emphasized, which can be understood just by seeing that the “theory of museum material conservation” will be a mandatory subject in the curator programs of universities starting 2012. We will closely investigate the curriculum and content of this training course in order to enrich it while taking into consideration various signs of the times.

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