Follow-up Training for Curators Responsible for Conservation

Lecture by Mr. Mabuchi, a visiting researcher

 On June 21, we held the training course shown above, intended to transfer the latest knowledge and findings related to the conservation environment to trainees who have completed the seminar course for curators engaged in conservation. First, Mr. Yoshida, a senior researcher of the Institute, introduced the latest technological trends regarding white LEDs, which have recently seen a rapid increase in their popularity, from the viewpoint of preventing global warming. Then, Ms. Nishida Hiroko, the Deputy Director of the Nezu Museum, gave a lecture during which she brought some LEDs into the exhibition room, taking advantage of the construction of the museum. Following the lecture, Mr. Mabuchi Hajime, a visiting researcher of the Center, gave a lecture on the method of conducting microbial surveys in cultural facilities, which is his subject of research, and Ms. Sano, the head of the conservation science section, explained how to examine organic acid emitted from wood. Because the lectures for this training session covered topics that many cultural facilities have deep concerns about, approximately 100 people participated, more than in past years. At annual follow-up training sessions we will meet the needs of curators and provide them with the latest important information.

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