4th Training Course in Architectural Surveying at the temple of Ta Nei in Cambodia

Total Station survey of control points for photogrammetry
Using software to create a 3D photo model

 The 4th Training Course in Architectural Surveying at the temple of Ta Nei in Angkor, Cambodia was conducted over about a week from January 17th to 24th. This program began last year, and the 4th training course marks the final course. Trainees were 9 Cambodian young staff members specializing in architecture or archeology from the Authority for the Protection and Management of Angkor and the Region of Siem Reap (ASPARA), the National Authority for Preah Vihear (NAPV), and JAPAN-APSARA Safeguarding Angkor (JASA, a team combining the Japanese Government Team for Safeguarding Angkor and the ASPARA Authority).
 The topics of the last course were surveys of large trees on the site and photogrammetry. Trainees completed the site plan that had been started during the 1st course, as well as learned new techniques to record various elements of the site as preparation for future site management including creation of risk maps of this site. Using Total Station and dedicated software for photogrammetry to create 3D photo records of walls with carvings and scattered stones. Through these works, we also discussed the topic of how to use this kind of information to manage the site in the future. On the final day of the course, each trainee gave a presentation on his or her findings, and trainees smiled as they received certificates for completing the 2 years program.
 Ta Nei is one of the important sites in Angkor that has received little intervention until now, and many issues remain regarding the site management. This program has imparted basic survey skills to Cambodian staff managing the site and it represents the first step in helping them preserve the site for future generations. The training courses in architectural surveying are now finished, but plans are to continue providing technical assistance and to continue research exchanges.

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