48th Public Lectures

Scene of lecture

 Over the two days October 31 (Friday) and November 1 (Saturday) of this year, the public lectures organized every fall by the Department of Art Research, Archives and Information Systems were held at 1:30 p.m. in the underground seminar room. The general title for the lecture series was “Dialogue between Objects and Images.” These lectures are held to raise awareness of the public about some of the general knowledge obtained through our day-to-day research on cultural properties. This year marked the 48th time these lectures have been held.
 At the first session, TSUDA Tetsuei, Head of the Art Research Materials Section, gave a talk entitled “The Concept and Function of Ichiryu Sōshō Keizu (Illustrated live of succession in Bukkoji community of Shinran’s School),” and this was followed by a presentation by Dr. ITO Daisuke, professor of Graduate School of Nagoya University, entitled “Two Principles of Beauty in Pictures of the Insei Period―The Rise of Portraits.” There was fair weather on the day of the lecture, and it was attended by 108 people.
 At the second session, SHIOYA Jun, Head of the Modern/Contemporary Art Section, spoke on the topic “The Shochuhi Memorial in Sendai―Toward Recovery from the Disaster.” After this was a lecture by KAWATA Akihisa, Professor, Chiba Institute of Technology, entitled “Representations and Realities.” During the talk by Mr. SHIOYA, he asked Mr. TAKAHASHI Yuji, who was actually engaged in the restoration work, to take the podium and give a report. Unfortunately, the day of the lecture was rainy and cold, but nevertheless there were 55 attendees.
 Based on figures from a questionnaire survey conducted on both days, 91.7% of attendees were satisfied on the first day, and 83.7% on the second day.

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