Panel Exhibition in the Entrance Lobby: Current Status of Tools and Raw Materials Essential for Cultural Property Restoration

Exhibition talk
Exhibition in the entrance lobby

 Tokyo National Research Institute for Cultural Properties (TOBUNKEN) is exhibiting panels in its entrance lobby to disseminate its research outcomes. We started the new panel exhibition named in the title on June 5, 2023.
 Techniques for conservation and restoration are essential to pass cultural properties down to the future generations. However, the acquisition of more types of materials and tools necessary for these techniques is becoming difficult, because of a shortage of successors to make them as well as changes in social environment. Due to its urgency, we are conducting investigational research on these tools and materials in collaboration with the Agency for Cultural Affairs. We are working to clarify the materials used and to improve issues related to their use, from a scientific standpoint, to comprehend methods to use these materials and tools on the conservation, and to record the techniques of their manufacture. We comprehensively conduct both the investigations above and archiving of past restoration documentation reports.
 This project involves various activities and sectors, and we are therefore conducting this project cross-sectorally across TOBUNKEN, utilizing the strength of TOBUNKEN in that has multiple sectors to facilitate comprehensive research on cultural properties.
 The exhibition mainly involves the raw materials of Uda washi paper essential for hanging scroll mountings and the carving tools essential for sculpture restoration. As neither are replaceable with substitutes, the continuation of their supply is in danger, and on this basis, we chose them as our research target. TOBUNKEN, and particularly the Center for Conservation Science, has been working on scientific research on traditional materials in Japan even since before this project started. The outcomes of the research are also exhibited. We hope that you can experience the in-depth world of materials and tools related to cultural property restoration and the wide outcomes of the research through this exhibition.

(Free entrance. Open 9:00 – 17:30 from Monday to Friday (except for national holidays).

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