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2023 Lobby Exhibition :
Tools and Raw Materials for the Conservation of Cultural Properties Today
June 5, 2023 -  Closed

 Cultural properties reflect in concrete ways the entirety of people's activities throughout their long history and rich culture. Appropriate raw materials, tools, and techniques for the conservation of cultural properties are necessary in order to preserve and pass them down to future generations. An increasing number of tools and techniques are difficult to preserve, however, due to changes in society and the natural environment, as well as a dearth of successors. Among the tools and raw materials necessary for the conservation of fine arts and crafts, we have been carrying out surveys concerning those items whose suppIy is endangered. As we proceed to grasp the current situation and discuss related issues with various parties, have been carrying out scientific research on the physical properties of the materials, recording the techniques of making those tools and materials, and archiving the past conservation report of cultural properties. With photographic panels and documentary videos, this year's lobby exhibition focuses, from among the many types of cultural properties conservation being carried out, on the raw materials of hand-made paper and tools for the carving of wooden sculpture. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to all concerned for their understanding and cooperation in our research.

Tokyo National Research Institute for Cultural Properties(TOBUNKEN)

One of the raw material for Uda-gami washi paper:

Using a chisel to carve wood sculpture

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