A Workshop on Basic Science for Conservators

Lecture on how to handle lab instruments

 The Center for Conservation Science conducts scientific research on the conservation and restoration of cultural property. In 2021, we introduced a workshop on basic science, based on our research, for conservators who have diverse experience in restoration of cultural properties and museum curation and archiving.
 The workshop was held for three days from September 29th through October 1st, 2021. We provided lectures and practical sessions on basic scientific knowledge that is important for conservation and restoration. It included basic chemistry, science of adhesion and adhesives, chemistry of paper, and pest damage control. The researchers of Tokyo National Research Institute for Cultural Properties delivered the lectures, based on their areas of expertise.
 We received 44 applications from across Japan for 15 seats. Fifteen applicants, who either resided in or commuted to Tokyo, and had the desirable expertise, participated in the workshop keeping in mind the on-going COVID-19 pandemic.
 The participants expressed their appreciation for this workshop through the questionnaires that were provided. We received requests for further scientific information on more advanced conservation and restoration cases. We intend to continue this workshop series to meet these expectations.

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