“Workshop on Restoration Measures for Cultural Properties – Measures Using Gels” and “Seminar on Restoration Measures for Cultural Properties – Cleaning and Gels”

 As cultural properties attract more attention, conservation and restoration measures have been required for works comprised of various materials in recent years. Under the circumstances, conventional measures are inapplicable in many cases. It is of particular importance that we clean the works without diminishing their value.
 To meet these growing needs, the Center for Conservation Science invited Dr. Paolo CREMONESI, conservation scientist from Italy, to organize a workshop on basic scientific knowledge of cleaning and usage of gels from October 8th through 10th, 2019. On October 11th, a seminar on restoration measures for cultural properties was also held to raise on-site issues and introduce the latest research on cleaning of Japanese and Western cultural properties.
 With regard to the workshop, lectures were delivered in the seminar room in the morning (to 56 participants). During the afternoon training in the conference room, 21 trainees learned how to prepare cleaning solutions used for the restoration of cultural properties and how to actually clean them.
 At the seminar, Dr. Cremonesi delivered a lecture on “Cleaning Methods in Western Countries –Application of Gels and the Latest Cases,” in addition to “Cleaning of Oriental Paintings” by Ms. YAMAMOTO Noriko, Representative Director of the Association for Conservation of National Treasures, and “Potentiality of Gels Applicable to Paper and Photo Works” by Ms. SHIRAIWA Yoko, photo restorer. They introduced the current state of restoration sites in the East and the West. TORIUMI Hidemi and HAYAKAWA Noriko from the Center for Conservation Science gave lectures on the “Historical Background of Cleaning Methods Developed for Western Paintings” and the “Development of Cleaning Solutions for Cultural Properties – Introduction of Recent Studies,” respectively.

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