Her Royal Highness Princess of Kingom of Bhutan Ashi Kesang visited the Institute

Her Royal Princess Ashi Kesang and Director General Kamei

 Her Royal Highness Princess Ashi Kesang Choden Wangchuk of the Kingdom of Bhutan visited the Institute on May 10th, 2016. She inspected the Institute’s activities for restoring and reproducing cultural assets with a view to helping the country conduct activities to preserve its cultural assets. After an opening address by Director General KAMEI, the Department of Research Support and Promotion gave a brief explanation. This was followed by an explanation of the Institute’s collaborative projects related to Southeast Asia, South Asia and cooperation to Bhutan by Dr. TOMODA, Head of the Conservation Design Section of the Japan Center for International Cooperation in Conservation, and another collaborative projects for restoring Japanese antiquities overseas by Dr. KATO, Head of the Resource and Systems Research Section of the Center. Dr. HAYAKAWA, Deputy Head of the Center for Conversation Science, described instruments for analyzing the materials of cultural assets while Senior Researcher Dr.MORII and Special Researcher Dr. KIDA explained how to conduct a survey into cultural assets of textiles or prevent patina deterioration of Japanese paintings.
 Her Royal Princess listened to the explanations by our staff members intently and the Institute believes that we played a small part of supporting restoring cultural assets in Bhutan.

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