The 29th Study Meeting on the Conservation and Restoration of Modern Cultural Properties 
“Conservation and Restoration Philosophies for Modern Cultural Properties”

A scene from the presentation

 On January 15th (Friday), the Modern Cultural Properties Section of the Center for Conservation Science and Restoration Techniques held a study meeting titled “Conservation and Restoration Philosophies for Modern Cultural Properties” at the Institute’s seminar room. The study meeting was featured by four guest speakers: Mr.Rorf Hoehmann (Owner and Head of Office of Industrial Archaeology), Dr. ITOH Takashi (Chairman of the Japan Industrial Archaeology Society), Dr. KIMURA Tsutomu (Professor, Nagaoka Institute of Design), and Dr. SUZUKI Jun (Professor, The University of Tokyo). Mr.Hoehmann made a presentation on the conservation and restoration philosophies for industrial heritage in Germany. Dr.ITOH spoke on the conservation and restoration philosophies for each of three categories of the modern cultural properties that included Architectural Heritage, Civil Engineering Heritage, and Industrial Heritage. Prof. KIMURA made a presentation on the current situations and problems of modern cultural properties that are observed through the efforts in conservation and restoration of modern western-style buildings. Prof. SUZUKI, in view of his expertise in industrial technology history, told about the necessity of conservation of heritage, because we can find the history of technology from such heritage. The lectures were all very convincing as they were based on practice, to which the audience listened in an enthusiastic manner. As many participants indicated in their responses to the questionnaire conducted after the meeting, we also feel it important to further deepen discussion on the issue of conservation and restoration philosophies not on an ad hoc basis but on a continuous basis. Aiming to contribute to deepening discussion, we will make further efforts to promote our research study.

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