Workers’ Art Exhibition, Governor of Tokyo Award

Celebrating the award with Ishimaru (from left to right: Director Nagai of the Department of Management, Director General Suzuki, Ishimaru, Goto)

 Ishimaru Shinya of the Accounting Section, Department of Management received the Governor of Tokyo Award in the Workers’ Art Exhibition (section on calligraphy) from the Governor of Tokyo on December 2 and reported this to Director General Suzuki.
 After congratulating Ishimaru, Director General Suzuki and Ishimaru talked about his work and various topics related to his creative activities.
 This art exhibition, popularly known as Kinbiten, provides an opportunity for people working in Tokyo to present the results of their creative activities. It is an exhibition with a history of 60 years.
 A total of 880 works including Japanese paintings, western-style paintings, three-dimensional formative art, craftwork, calligraphy and photography were exhibited. Of the 47 works presented in the section on calligraphy, the Governor of Tokyo Award is the most honorary award given. The judges commented that Ishimaru’s work is “characterized by very strong brush strokes and a feeling of youth permeates the entire work. The middle section of the three-part composition of the work, which moves from prelude to variation and finally to denouement, is very dynamic. The use of space between the lines is beautiful and the contrast between the parts where the brush strokes are clear and where they are somewhat faint is wonderful.”
 Ishimaru has been strongly attracted to calligraphy from his childhood and studied in the Calligraphy Course of Daito Bunka University. Then he went on to graduate school to pursue further study in this field at the Department of Calligraphy, Faculty of Literature of the University and has produced scholarly achievements as well. Presently, he is a member of 2 calligraphy associations, The Yomiuri Shoho-kai and Ranjukai, and is engaged in creative activities in the limited free time he has from his work at the Institute. Working at the Institute, which is a base for studies associated with cultural properties, provides Ishimaru with good stimulation and he is doing his best to create better works of calligraphy and to contribute to the development of artistic culture.
(Ishimaru’s major works and activities can be viewed on his home page:

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