Conclusion of the Agreement on Cooperation for Protecting National Heritage with the Culture and Fine Arts Bureau of Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, Mongolia

Director Erdenebat (left) and Director ISHIZAKI shaking hands with smiles after signing the agreement.

 On September 9, 2008, an agreement for cooperation in protecting the national heritage was signed by between the National Research Institute for Cultural Properties, Tokyo, and the Culture and Fine Arts Bureau of Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, Mongolia. The agreement covers such activities as the implementation of joint business, research and development cooperation, fostering human resources and implementation of workshops, focusing on protecting the national heritage. While respecting the positions of both organizations, the agreement emphasizes cooperation in protection of both tangible and intangible cultural heritage.
 Mr. SUZUKI Norio, the Director of our Institute, visited the Culture and Fine Arts Bureau of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science in Ulan Bator, and signed the agreement together with Mr. Erdenebat, Director of the Culture and Fine Arts Bureau, Mongolia. Mr. SHIMIZU, the Director of Japan Center for International Cooperation in Conservation, Mr. MIYATA, the Director of Department of Intangible Cultural Heritage, and several other members of our Institute also took place in the signature occasion.
 Following the signing of the agreement, both parties also signed a memorandum on fostering human resources in protection of cultural heritage, according to the clauses of the agreement.
 With these agreements, cooperation between our two nations in protection of our tangible and intangible cultural heritage is highly expected.

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