“Post-Training Course for Museum Curators”

There was a lively exchange of opinions at the Post-Training Course.

 Once a year a post-training course is held for those who have completed the “Training Course for Museum Curators” in the past with the aim of conveying the latest topics regarding conservation of materials. This fiscal year, the course was held on June 2. The following three topics were selected: indoor temperature and humidity analysis by means of computer simulation (Inuzuka Masahide), use of dichlorvos pesticide in conservation facilities for cultural properties (Yoshida Naoto) and the manual for museum conservators on preventing mold growth on cultural properties which the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology is in the process of compiling (Sano Chie). There was a lively exchange of opinions between the participants and members of the Department since the topics covered serious issues the participants face in the field, including the forecast of the conservation environment, pest control and preservation of materials as well as the prevention of health hazard to the staff. Sixty-six persons participated, a number which exceeded 10% of all those who have completed the Training Course during the past 25 years. We cannot help but feel the weight of responsibility resting upon us. We will continue to provide the latest information not only at such post-training courses but also by taking advantage of various opportunities.

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