Discussion on the “’Juko-in’ Issue”

 The Department of Research Programming holds a seminar every month. On February 27 (Wednesday) Watada made a presentation entitled “Considering the ‘Juko-in’ Issue.” Traditionally, the main hall of Daitoku-ji Juko-in (Important Cultural Property) is said to have been built in 1566 or 1538 based on the period of the creation of its wall paintings (National Treasures) by Kano Shoei and Eitoku. In his presentation, Watada proposed 1571 as the year of its construction based on pieces of historical records remaining and taking into consideration the constantly changing political situation of the time. This proposal was followed by a comment by Watanabe Yuji of the Fukuoka Art Museum, who had been invited to the workshop as a commentator. Watanabe suggested that, when the wall paintings of Juko-in are considered in the context of wall paintings in sub-temples as a whole, the arrangement of these paintings in the rooms follow the traditional manner. There was active discussion on this matter among the participants at the seminar.

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