Fire drill at the Institute

Fire-fighting headquarters (head: Director General Suzuki, deputy head: Deputy Director Miura, Director Nagai of the Department of Management)
Transporting a victim
Participants at the fire drill
Experience using a fire extinguisher

 A fire drill was held at the Institute from 10:30 a.m. on January 25.
 Fire was assumed to have started from the hot-water supply room on the third floor of the building. Many members of the Institute who were working on that day participated in carrying out initial extinction, giving alarm, evacuating from the building and providing first-aid, led by the self-fire brigade composed of the staff of the Institute.
 At 10:30 a.m., the fire alarm installed in the Institute rang and an announcement was made asking everyone to evacuate. Immediately, the self-fire brigade and the person who first found the fire started the initial extinction (simulation) using fire extinguishers and notified the fire department at 119 (simulation). They also guided the members of the Institute to evacuate outside the building.
 In the meantime, fire-fighting headquarters and a first-aid station were established. Members of the self-fire brigade evacuated a staff who had inhaled smoke and was not able to escape with the others. They also carried out cultural properties that were in the building (simulation).
 After the fire drill, Director General Suzuki thanked everyone for participating and commented on the importance of Cultural Properties Fire Prevention Day. He also pointed out the necessity for raising awareness about fire prevention. In the drill for fighting fire with a fire extinguisher, after learning about the types of extinguishers and their use, members of the Institute discharged water while shouting “Fire!” The Institute holds a fire drill every year on January 26 as an event related to the Cultural Properties Fire Prevention Day.

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