Completing Continuous Removal of the Kitora Tumulus Pluster

Removing plaster on side wall
Removed plaster piece

 The Center for Conservation Science and Restoration Techniques has been removing the mural paintings of Kitora Tumulus as part of a project “Investigation on Conservation for special historic site Kitora Tumulus” entrusted by the Agency for Cultural Affairs.
 Following the first work of removing in May, we continued the work in two periods of three weeks each, from October 19 to November 6, and from November 16 to December 4. Although the work in autumn took longer than that in May, performing the removal over periods of three weeks each enabled efficient removal progress. All plaster on the ceiling was detached by this latest work, and we will be able to resume removal of the plaster on the side walls for the first time in two years. We will continue to inspect the in side of the tumuls periodically, while irradiating UV-C to control microorganisms, and conduct removal again next year.

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