Participation in the First Academic Conference on Conservation of Cultural Heritage in East Asia

Lecture by Mr. Stephan Simon from Rathgen Conservation Laboratory

 On December 8, 2009, we held a seminar on the theme of “energy conservation at museums with a view to maintaining an appropriate environment for cultural properties” in the seminar room of the National Institute for Cultural Properties, Tokyo, for the second straight year. This year, Dr. Stephan Simon from the Rathgen Conservation Laboratory in Germany gave a lecture under the title of “Conserving energy at museums and the conservation environment in exhibition/storage facilities in Europe”, and Professor Hokoi Shuichi from Kyoto University gave a lecture titled “Conserving energy for museums in a warmer environment”. Moreover, Dr. Ashie Yasunobu from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport presented a lecture under the title of “Approaches for achieving sustainable urban spaces in a low-carbon society”. Finally, Dr. Kanba Nobuyuki from the Tokyo National Museum presented a lecture under the title of “Conserving cultural properties coexisting with a low-carbon society” and introduced the activities in place at the Museum. A total of 75 people participated in the seminar and held active discussions.

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