July Facility Visit (3)

 Forty two staff members of National Institutes for Cultural Heritage
 From July 27 to 29, a training seminar for new staff members of the National Institutes for Cultural Heritage was held at the meeting room on the basement floor, and a variety of lectures, including customer treatment and overview of the Institutes, were presented. On the 29th, Director General Suzuki gave a lecture titled “Conceptualization of Cultural Heritage Protection and our Views thereon” and Deputy Director General Nakano gave an overview of the survey and research work conducted by the National Research Institute for Cultural Properties, Tokyo. On the 28th, the 22 new members toured the Restoration Studio of the Center for Conservation Science and Restoration Techniques on the third floor, the Library of the Department of Research Programming on the second floor, and the Audio-Visual Documentation Section of the Department of Intangible Culture Heritage on the basement floor. On the 29th, the other 20 members made the same location tour. Those in charge of each facility provided explanations and answered questions.

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