Detaching the Mural Paintings of Kitora Tumulus

Detaching a mural painting with a wire-saw
Current state of the ceiling of Kitora Tumulus (The purple part shows the exposed stone.)

 The Center for Conservation Science and Restoration Techniques has been detaching the mural paintings of Kitora Tumulus as part of a project entrusted from the Agency for Cultural Affairs. Currently, there is concern about the spread of deterioration in the stone chamber due to microorganisms. Since there is an urgent need to detach the mural paintings, it has been decided to conduct detachment continuously for one month rather than to do the work for three days every month.
 The first stage of detachment started on May 11 and most of the painting on the south side of the ceiling was detached effectively. We were able to irradiate UV-C successfully to control microorganisms since all the areas where pigments had been applied had already been detached. Based on our success in this work, the next stage of detachment is planned for this autumn.

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