Field Survey of Conservation and Restoration of Modern Cultural Heritage in Kagamigahara and Toyota cities

Doudo timber basin (left bank of Yahagi River)
Gunkai Bridge in the Asuke region

 The Center for Conservation Science and Restoration Techniques is studying the storage environment and deterioration status of iron cultural assets that have been stored outdoors, including airplanes, at the Kagamigahara Aerospace Science Museum. For this field survey, we visited Toyota City and discussed the conservation status and other issues related to versatile modern heritage that uses stone with local persons in charge. The heritage discussed includes Doudo timber basin, Darumagama kiln, Meiji Old Water service weir and boat lock, Isegamizuido Tunnel, and Old Gunkai Bridge. In addition to being the home territory of Toyota Motors, Toyota City makes use of many modern cultural properties, such as the silk culture from the Meiji Era and the transport of lumber via the Yahagi River.
 We will do our best to make small contributions to these efforts.

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