Field Survey at JMSDF Kanoya Air Base

Type 2 flying boat
Conditions inside

 The Center for Conservation Science and Restoration Techniques is studying the storage environment and deterioration status of iron cultural assets stored outdoors, including airplanes, at the JMSDF Kanoya Air Base. The iron cultural assets (planes, railway vehicles, scaffolds, boats, and ships) that are currently being conserved cannot usually be stored under a roof due to their large sizes, and they are in very poor condition as a conservation environment. We are also continuing to measure the temperature and humidity inside the airplane (Type 2 flying boat) exhibited outdoors. The conservation environment inside is more stark than that outdoors because it is an enclosed place, and materials other than iron inside the plane (resin-made shields of electric wires, etc.) often melt and damage the inside resulting in a grave condition. We will work with JMSDF so that they will carefully understand the situation hereafter and take necessary measures.

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