Holding a local workshop for the conservation of materials

Lecture at the workshop

 The purpose of the workshop shown in the above title is to give lectures to persons in charge of conserving cultural properties in local districts so that they learn fundamental knowledge of conservation on December 13, we held this 15th workshop at the Kochi Prefectural Museum of History, hosted by the Kochi Education Board and Tobunken. Although we usually cover each item of temperature/humidity and atmospheric environment in detail, we gave lectures focusing on measures against biotic damage on this occasion. The major reason for these lectures is that the problems of bugs and mold and countermeasures against them are serious concerns for the persons in charge of the conservation of cultural properties in Kochi. The following four persons conducted lectures using their areas of expertise and viewpoints: Mr. Asaga Hiroshi, the Cultural Property Conservation Instructor at the Arts and Culture Section of the Agency for Cultural Affairs; Mr. Okamoto Keisuke, the Art and Culture Section Manager of the Kochi Prefectural Museum of History; Mr. Miura Sadatoshi, the Director of the Japan Institute of Insect Damage to Cultural Properties (a honorary researcher of our Institute); and Ms. Sano Chie, the Head of the Conservation Science Section at the Tobunken Center for Conservation Science and Restoration Techniques.
 A great many people participated in the workshop from the expanse Kochi prefectural area. Wee felt their high level of interest through the eagerness of their questions and discussions. We are holding this workshop session at the request of the local residents. Please do not hesitate to ask us if you have any requests.

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