Research of Paired Screens of “Birds and Flowers of the Four Seasons” Designated as Important Cultural Property at the Suntory Museum of Art

Research Using Image Plate Developing Equipment

 On November 10 through 12 following the first survey in August, we conducted an investigation into a pair of six-fold screens of “Birds and Flowers of the Four Seasons” (an important cultural property) at the Suntory Museum of Art. To investigate the production techniques and materials of the folding screens, we conducted research using an optical survey, fluorescent X-ray analysis, visible spectroscopy, X-ray radiography and other approaches.
 As for X-ray radiography, we obtained X-ray transmission images with imaging plates. For this research, we brought the developing equipment, which is dedicated to imaging plates and were introduced to our institute in November, to the Suntory Museum of Art. Accordingly, at the site, we proceeded with the research by confirming the X-ray transmission images each time they were obtained. These images gave us a variety of information such as types and thicknesses of the coloring materials and production techniques.
 We will summarize these research outcomes to publish a research report within FY 2015.

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