Acceptance of donations

From left to right: Takayanagi, Head at the Management Section; Tanaka, Director of the Department of Research Programming; Kamei, Director General; Asaki, President of Tokyo Bijutsu Club; Shimojo, Director of Tokyo Art Dealers’ Association; Yoshida, President of Mitosachi-Shokai Co., Ltd.

 Offers for donations to the Institute were received from the Tokyo Art Dealers’ Association and the Tokyo Bijutsu Club. The Tokyo Art Dealers’ Association aims to fund publication of the Institute’s research results and the Tokyo Bijutsu Club intends to fund the Institute’s research projects.
 On March 4, Director General Kamei Nobuo visited the Tokyo Art Dealers’ Association, located at Shinbashi, Minato-ku, and met Shimojo Kei’ichi, the director of the Tokyo Art Dealers’ Association and Asaki Masakatsu, the president of the Tokyo Bijutsu Club. The two representatives talked with our Director General on a wide range of issues ranging from recent topics of cultural properties to painting tools. They also expressed their hopes for our research activities during the course of the conversation. Following the conversation, Director General Kamei presented a certificate of appreciation to each representative.
 We are glad both organizations are aware of our activities and we are most grateful for their donations. We look forward to putting these donations in funding our activities.

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