The 28th Study Meeting on the Conservation and Restoration of Modern Cultural Properties, “Conservation and Restoration of Western Paper” 

Study meeting at the seminar hall

 The Modern Cultural Properties Section of the Center for Conservation Science and Restoration Techniques held a study meeting “Conservation and Restoration of Western Paper” which took place in the Institute’s seminar hall on November 21 (Fri.). During the study meeting, lectures were given by YASUE Akio, former dupty librarian of the National Diet Library and current contract lecturer at Gakushuin University; YOKOSHIMA Fumio, senior managing director of Preservation Technologies Japan Co.; OGASAWARA Atsushi, chief technician at Shugo; Alejandra Odor CHÁVEZ, head of the Conservation Department of the Mexican National Archives; and Anne Frances MAHEUX, head of Conservation of Art on Paper, Maps, and Manuscripts at the Library and Archives Canada. Mr. YASUE lectured changes in approaches to paper documents preservation from the perspective of archives. Mr. YOKOSHIMA presented mass deacidification. Mr. OGASAWARA described issues arising in his current conservation of notes. Ms. CHÁVEZ talked about degradation of iron gall inks and techniques to cope with that problem. Ms. MAHEUX described a conservation technique using a material known as gellan gum to treat acidic paper and iron gall inks. The lecturers were persuasive, keeping the audience in rapt attention, since they introduced their professional experiences. The atmosphere of the study meeting was enthusiastic, and there were more attendees than expected, with more than 129 in attendance.

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