Workshop on 3D Digital Documentation for Overseas Research

Participants taking pictures for 3D digital documentation

 The3D documentation using Agisoft Metashape and iPhone Scaniverse has recently been introduced, and is rapidly coming into use. The introduction of this technology can not only reduce working time, but also makes it possible to document cultural heritage with very high precision.
The Japan Center for International Cooperation in Conservation arranged a three-day workshop on 3D digital documentation for experts who are working abroad from July 15 to 17, 2023. Dr. NOGUCHI Atsushi from Komatsu University was invited as the lecturer. The main aim of this workshop was to spread 3D documentation techniques among the foreign experts through the Japanese experts who attended the workshop.
Twenty-five specialists with a variety of backgrounds in areas such as archaeology, conservation science, and conservation architecture joined this workshop and studied how to make 3D models using Agisoft Metashape and iPhone Scaniverse.

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