Conclusion of the Cooperation Agreement with the Department of Pure and Applied Sciences of University of Urbino Carlo Bo

Courtesy visit to Rector Calcagnini
Campus Facilities

 Italy is home to numerous cultural heritage sites and has been at the forefront of the conservation and restoration efforts undertaken to maintain these sites. The Department of Pure and Applied Sciences of the University of Urbino Carlo Bo is one the educational institutions in Italy that has made many contributions in the field of conservation science.
 Recently, the Tokyo National Research Institute for Cultural Properties concluded an agreement with this department to enter into research cooperation for the conservation and restoration of cultural heritages. The content of the agreement is comprehensive, targeting cultural properties around the world. The agreement aims to foster cooperation in scientific investigation and in development of techniques and materials for the formulation of conservation and restoration plans. Furthermore, a mutual exchange of researchers through events such as workshops is envisioned.
 On February 17, 2023, I visited the University and exchanged opinions with Rector Giorgio Calcagnini regarding the future cooperation.
 Also, under the guidance of Prof. Maria Letizia Amadori, Department of Pure and Applied Sciences, I toured the university facilities and had the pleasure of learning about an analytical study on cultural heritage preservation that is currently being undertaken.
 In the future, through research cooperation that utilizes the expertise of both institutions, we hope to go beyond simply collecting analytical data, and develop activities that will lead to concrete preservation of cultural heritages.

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