Workshop – Nanocellulose Films in Art Conservation

Participants at the opening ceremony
Practical work

 In recent years, the investigations of conservation and restoration for cultural properties have expanded their targets not only to traditional cultural properties but also to modern artifacts and documents made of various types of materials. The Restoration Materials Section of the Center for Conservation Science invites experts from overseas and conducts workshops to meet these needs. In 2022, we invited Mr. Remy Dreyfuss-Deseigne, an expert who conducts research and application of nanocellulose films for conservation and restoration, to conduct a three-day workshop beginning on October 5th, 2022. Nanocellulose films are a kind of cellulose made from natural materials, which are transparent and stable. Therefore, nanocellulose films can be applied to transparent materials such as tracing paper and photo film with which traditional conservation materials do not work well.
 We received applications more than double the official capacity of 15 seats for this workshop from conservators. This indicated high expectations for the workshop. We accepted all applicants to the lectures for the morning sessions, but we needed to limit participants for the practical sessions in the afternoon. The workshop began with an inauguration ceremony, with opening remarks by SAITO Takamasa, Director General of TOBUNKEN, and then the lecturer, Mr. Dreyfuss-Deseigne was introduced. During the workshop, the lectures were held in the mornings and practical sessions in the afternoons. On the last day, a tour of TOBUNKEN was conducted to see TOBUNKEN equipment related to the workshop.
 This workshop with a lecturer invited from overseas was held for the first time in 3 years since the last one. The “face-to-face workshop” encouraged participants to raise very active questions and discussions. Participants said that they could build mutual collaboration among the workshop members. We recognized again the significant impact of in-person workshop, which could not be achieved online. We believe that our workshop helped in the actual reconstruction of cultural properties and conservation of archives.

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