Investigation of damages caused by fire and advice for restoration

Ebukuro Church, Shinkamigoto-machi, Nagasaki prefecture, before the fire
Ebukuro Church, Shinkamigoto-machi, Nagasaki prefecture, after the fire
Stained glass window damaged by fire

 On request from the Board of Education of Nagasaki prefecture, an on-site investigation was conducted of Ebukuro Church at Shinkamigoto-machi, which was damaged by fire in February 2007, and advice was given concerning its restoration. Ebukuro Church, a one-story, tile-roofed, wooden structure, was built in 1882 and is considered to be the oldest wooden church in Nagasaki prefecture. It stands on a steep mountain side overlooking the ocean. With its single-layer, modified hopped roof construction, it is also considered of value from the point of view of structure. However, the building was destroyed by fire, which was caused by a short circuit, in February, 2007. Rather than rebuilding the entire church, the local parishioners expressed their wish to save as much of the structural members that could be reused as possible. The Center for Conservation Science and Restoration Techniques conducted on-site investigation and gave advice on restoration, which included impregnation of synthetic resin to members that could be reused because of comparatively less serious damage.

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