Recording of kokyoku of Showa 30’s (1955-1965)

Ittyubushi “Futagosumidagawa” by UJI Bunga (1881-1975) and nisei UJI Shiyu (rokusei UJI Wabun: 1907-1986)

 The recorded tapes collected by the Department of Intangible Cultural Heritage are currently being digitized one after another. Digital conversion is not only a simple transfer of media to compact disc. Indices that match the recording contents must be attached after checking the recording (including collation with the authentication note for tape), otherwise, it will be inconvenient for future data utilization.
 The TAKEUCHI Michitaka old audio data (referred to as “Takeuchi collection” hereafter), which acceptance procedure was completed in 2005, included many reel-to-reel tapes of kokyoku (katobushi, ittyubushi, miyazonobushi, ogiebushi). The performances are from the Showa 30’s, and most of them do not seem to have been recorded to be sold in market.
 The photo shows a CD created from a tape of ittyubushi “Futagosumidagawa” performed by UJI Bunga (1881-1975) and nisei UJI Shiyu (rokusei UJI Wabun: 1907-1986). It is a long kokyoku with a long performance time of approximately an hour. We hope to create an environment in which all citizens have a chance to listen to antique recordings that people rarely had an opportunity to listen to.
 We will open the SP records of the “Takeuchi collection” to the public in the form of catalogs when organization of data has been completed (“Geino no Kagaku 32”, “Research and Reports on Intangible Cultural Heritage Vol. 02”).”

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