Holding of the Training Course for Museum Curators in Charge of Conservation

A scene from the practice session (identification of insects harmful to cultural properties)

 For two weeks from July 14 to 25, 2008, a training course was held with the attendance of 29 members in charge of conservation at museums in Japan. The aim of the course was to help these members acquire basic knowledge and techniques necessary for their work. The curriculum of the course included management of indoor environment such as temperature, humidity and air pollution as well as prevention of damage to cultural properties by insects and molds and treatment measures and matters related to the deterioration and restoration of cultural properties such as Japanese-style paintings and urushi objects. Furthermore, an on-site practice on environmental assessment was conducted at the Saitama Prefectural Museum of History and Folklore. Though it is difficult to study subjects of such a variety in a nine-day course, the paring ticipants were very eager to learn. We hope that after the course they will return to their respective institutions and work for the management and improvement of museum environment by improving the quality of their work based on what they have learned in the course.
 The Training Course for Museum Curators is held in July every year, and information sheets for applicants are distributed from January to February. We look forward to having many people participates in the coming course.

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