Report on the discovery of “Torn Trousers” by Fuji Gazo

Discussion with Mr. Takahashi (the presenter)

 A monthly workshop of the Department of Research Programming was held on July 23. Mr. Takahashi Hideharu (Chief of the Art Section, Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art) was invited to present a lecture on “Torn Trousers,” a work by Fuji Gazo (1853-1916) who played an important role in encouraging Kuroda Seiki to become a painter. The work was accepted by Le Salon during Fuji’s study in France, but little was known about its later history except that it had been bought by an American. Thus, for many years no researcher encountered the actual work. Therefore, the presentation by Mr. Takahashi is about one of the most significant discoveries in recent years not only for researchers of Kuroda Seiki but for those of Japanese modern art in general. The presentation included a detailed report about the American collector who bought the work, historical facts about the discovery, and the present state of the work. The work is scheduled to appear, in a color print, on the 358th issue of The Bijutsu Kenkyu (The Journal of Art Studies) which is scheduled to be published in early November), together with an expository article by Mr. Takahashi.

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