Conference on “Studies on Environmental Conditions Surrounding Cultural Properties” – Environmental Monitoring by Metal Exposure Tests

Oral presentation by Mashiko Noboru, “Corrosion of Metals - from the Point of View of Metallurgy”

 The purpose of the project, “Studies on Environmental Conditions Surrounding Cultural Properties,” is to establish methods for investigating and analyzing environmental conditions surrounding cultural properties for a better understanding of the present condition and improvement of the conservation environment. In this conference (March 3, 2008; 33 participants) presentations were made on investigation by exposure of metal samples to evaluate how atmospheric pollution and materials used for the interior of buildings affect cultural properties, with emphasis on the history and limitations of such an investigation. Mashiko Noboru (Professor Emeritus, The University of Tokyo) spoke on the influence of nitrogen oxide, sulfuric oxide, volcanic gases, sea salt and other elements on cultural properties based on studies in the field of metallurgy. Kadokura Takeo, researcher emeritus of the Institute, spoke on the history of investigation of metal exposure tests for the study of the influence of air pollution on cultural properties. Inuzuka Masahide, researcher of the Institute, reported on the development of a dosimeter that evaluates the influence of environmental conditions inside buildings on cultural properties. This conference was very beneficial from the point of view of cooperation in research and the advancement of research.

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