2009 Overseas Restoration Work

Receiving Karakozu (Chinese children)
Survey before restoration

 The Center for Conservation Science and Restoration Techniques continued to restore paintings in the restoration studio of Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin this year as part of its overseas restoration work in 2009. The paintings being restored are the Darumazu (Bodhidharma in red clothes stored in Cologne Museum of East Asian Art), the restoration of which has been going on since last year, and the Karakozu (Chinese children stored in Berlin National Museum of Asian Art), the restoration of which started this year.
  Because of the limited space in the restoration studio, it was not possible to restore both paintings simultaneously, but restoration engineers proceeded with their work by coordinating their activities despite the humid weather in Berlin. The restoration work was completed on July 8 for the present, and we plan that this work marks the completion of the restoration of the Darumazu.

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