Follow-up Training for Curators Responsible for Conservation

Lecture by Director Ishizaki

 This training course, intended for trainees who have completed the annual Seminar Course for Museum Curators, focuses on the latest research and topics related to conservation of materials. This year’s training took place on June 22 and drew 69 participants.
 This year’s theme dealt with the latest ideas for conserving materials on-site. One idea is energy conservation; the Center’s director, Mr. Ishizaki, gave a lecture on the current cultural heritage facility activities, both foreign and domestic, at a time when global warming is of great concern and energy conservation is desired worldwide.
 Additionally, the university curriculum for curators has been changed, and in three years the Material Conservation Environment Theory course will become mandatory. This means that knowledge of the natural science behind material conservation is unexceptionally essential for curators. Therefore, lectures on temperature and humidity, atmospheric environment, and lighting of the conservation environment presented by Mr. Inuzuka, a senior researcher; Ms. Sano, the head of the conservation science section; and Mr. Yoshida, a senior researcher.
 The content was of great interest to all participants, and they were all ears. At the same time, the training also made us realize that as researchers who investigate the conservation environment, we must keep our eyes open for all responsible research and provision of information.

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