Photos taken at the dawn of Japanese aviation history in the Tokorozawa airfield made public

The first Japanese-made plane of the Imperial Japanese Army (1911)

 The Center for Conservation Science and Restoration Techniques began to make public, on the National Research Institute for Cultural Properties, Tokyo website, the photos of airplanes such as the Farman, taken at the beginning of Japanese aviation at the Tokorozawa airfield. These photos were donated by Mr. Kitagawa Masanobu, whom lives in Tokorozawa in January 2009. The photos were taken by the late Mr. Kitagawa Hideo, the father of Kitagawa Masanobu, at the Tokorozawa airfield. The main recording media were glass plates. We are extremely grateful to Mr. Kitagawa Masanobu and other relevant individuals for the conservation of these glass plates and the making public of these digitized photos on the occasion of the memorable 100th year of Japanese aviation. The photos posted on this occasion include the first airplane to fly in Japan, Aikoku (Patriot)-go and many other precious shots. These will definitely be very valuable materials for researchers and people who are interested in aviation. The Center for Conservation Science and Restoration Techniques will continue to make public such valuable data in the future.

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