International Course on Restoration of Japanese Paper

Practical session

 The International Course on Restoration of Japanese Paper was held from August 30 to September 17. Among approximately 80 applicants engaged in the conservation of cultural properties around the world, ten participants from Ireland, Australia, Malaysia, etc. were selected. Various topics covered in the lectures included material studies, bibliographies and so on. In the practical sessions the participants made infillings of missing parts, lining, attached axial rods, and produced a work into a hanging scroll. They also challenged Japanese-style book binding. In the study tour, the participants visited Mino city, a place famous for handmade paper also used for restoration as well. They also visited the restoration studios, such as the traditional mounting studio and the cultural property conservation studio of the Kyoto National Museum. The handed down techniques and knowledge lead to the promotion of conservation and use of Japanese paper cultural properties, and furthermore, it is expected that they will be applied to the repairing and conservation of Japanese art objects overseas.

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