Report on the 5-year Project of the Division of Intangible Cultural Properties published: “Compiled Documents on the Transmission of Intangible Cultural Properties”

An illustration from “Yokobue Saiku Shiritu Binran

 Results of a 5-year project concerning “Study of the Conservation and Transmission of Intangible Cultural Properties” that started in 2006 were reported in March 2011. The report describes 3 documents regarding the conservation and transmission of intangible cultural properties:
 “Yokobue Saiku Shiritu Binran”—a handbook on the manufacture of the Japanese transverse flute
 “Gidayu-bushi no Syurui to Kyokusetu”—Records of the Gidayu-bushi of Bunraku, with the categorization of their tunes and melodies.
 “Edo-komon Gijyutsu Kiroku”—Records of the manufacturing process and history of Edo-Komon
 A PDF version of the document in its entirety will be made available on our website.

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