International Course on Conservation of Japanese Paper 2008

Practical session (orefuse / crease reinforcement)
Practical session (urauchi / lining)
Opening ceremony

 Ten persons were selected from a total of 80 applicants who are engaged in the conservation and utilization of cultural properties throughout the world to participate in the International Course on Conservation of Japanese Paper from September 8 to 26, 2008 that was held jointly with ICCROM(International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Properties).
 The course consisted of lectures, practical sessions and a study tour. Topics covered in the lectures included material studies on paper and traditional Japanese adhesives, principles regard-paring the conservation of cultural properties, Japanese-style painting techniques, mounting techniques and mounting formats. In the practical sessions the participants cleaned paper made for practice, infilled holes that had been made to look as if they had been damaged by insects, and mounted the work they had restored into a hanging scroll. They also challenged Japanesestyle book binding. In the study tour, the participants first visited Mino city in Gifu prefecture and learned about minogami (Mino paper), from the traditional method for manufacturing it to the history of its distribution, at Hasegawa Washi Kobo, Mino-Washi Museum and Mino Historical Museum. They also visited the conservation studios of the Association for Conservation of National Treasures both at the Kyoto National Museum and their independent studios.

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