Articles in Science for Conservation made available on the Internet

 Science for Conservation is a periodical on scientific research related to the conservation of cultural properties. Since the inaugural issue published in March 1964, of which the first article was “The outline of the scientific researches for the preservation of cultural properties in Japan” by the then director of the Department of Conservation Science, Sekino Masaru, researchers of the Department who are committed to the mission of passing down to future generations valuable cultural properties that their predecessors have left to them, have been engaged in research and have continued to make the results of their research open to the public. The latest edition of the periodical, volume 47, contains 25 reports and articles including those related to the conservation and investigation of the mural paintings of Takamatsuzuka Tumulus and .Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes.
 Science for Conservation, as a book, is not for sale and can be read only at related organizations and universities, but all the articles that have been published until now have been make into PDF files so that they may be downloaded via Internet (

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