21th Conference on the Conservation of Modern Cultural Properties – “Conservation and Utilization of Aircrafts

A scene from the conference

 The Modern Cultural Properties Section of the Center for Conservation Science and Restoration Techniques held a conference on January 25 in the Seminar Hall of the Institute. Three lecturers were invited for the occasion: Dave Morris of the Fleet Air Arm Museum in England, Nagashima Hiroyuki of the Japan Aeronautic Association and Hirayama Sukenari of the Hirayama Ikuo Museum of Art.
 Dave Morris presented us with a detailed explanation of the restoration of a Corsair aircraft that he undertook. His presentation introduced us to matters, including minute details that only someone who has actually worked on the restoration of the aircraft could provide. Nagashima spoke about the conservation of aircrafts, taking as an example the conservation of a Nakajima Type 91 Fighter exhibited at the Tokorozawa Aviation Museum. Hirayama used photographs and video image taken during restoration to speak about treatments provided in the restoration of Aichi Type Zero Reconnaissance Seaplane that was salvaged from the ocean at what is now Minamisatsuma city, Kagoshima prefecture, a restoration that was undertaken when he was working as a member of the restoration group at the Kanoya Air Base of Japan Maritime Self Defense Force.. As all three of the lecturers spoke from their own experience, their presentations were very convincing. There were many questions from the audience and the conference ended well past its schedule.

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