Completed Removal of the Kitora Tumulus Wall Paintings

Inside the stone chamber with all plaster walls removed

 The Center for Conservation Science and Restoration Techniques has been removing the wall paintings of Kitora Tumulus as part of a project called the Investigation on Conservation for special historic site Kitora Tumulus, commissioned by the Agency for Cultural Affairs. We had aimed to complete the removal in the next spring term following the intensive removal of the paintings in the spring and autumn of 2009. However, we removed all plaster from the stone chamber walls during this term earlier than the planned schedule (autumn 2010). This work was attributed to the proficiency of the engineers in removal, as well as to the development and improvement of the machines, tools and materials promoted by Tobunken. The work in the stone chamber was finished in a series of conservation projects of Kitora Tumulus Wall Paintings, starting with the removal of Seiryu (blue dragon) in 2004. We will begin treating and mounting the wall paintings in the conservation facility.

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