Acceptance of a donation

From left to right: Ms. Matsuda; Mr. Ishizaki, Deputy General Manager; and Mr. Okawara, General Manager of Larson Juhl Nippon and Ms. Kikawa, Head of the Biological Science section; Mr. Kamei, Director General; and Mr. Rokukawa, Director of Department of Research Support and Promotion of the Institute

 An offer for a donation to the Institute was received from Larson Juhl Nippon. Larson Juhl Nippon donated 4 vacuum sealers (Fuji Impulse, V-402) to the Institute in order to support our research into rescuing cultural properties affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake.
 These vacuum sealers will be used to restore books, documents, and other paper-based items damaged by seawater from the tsunami caused by the earthquake, and we have already put them to use in our Salvage Project for Cultural Properties damaged by the tsunami.
 On August 3, the Institute was visited by Taisuke Okawara, General Manager of Larson Juhl Nippon, and Kamei Nobuo, Director General of the Institute, presented a certificate of appreciation to Mr. Okawara.
 We are glad the firm is aware of our activities and we are most grateful for the donation. We are sure to use the donated equipment to rescue cultural properties.

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