Publication of Science for Conservation, Vol. 50

Front and back cover of Science for Conservation, Vol. 1. The bulletin has faded somewhat after about 47 years, but its format has changed little.

 Science for Conservation is a bulletin that reports the results of our study and research regarding conservation of cultural properties primarily from a scientific perspective. The bulletin has been published since it came out in 1964, and Vol. 50 came out at the end of March this year. The bulletin’s history certainly reflects the history of the conservation science in Japan. When Vol. 1 came out, the belief that conservation of cultural properties required scientific perspectives and techniques was little known for the most part. Thus, the term Conservation Science was almost unknown. The term is now widely known thanks to the unceasing efforts and struggles and the passion for conservation of cultural properties on the part of our predecessors. We continue their work, and Science for Conservation will continue to strive to encourage the recognition of this science as a beneficial and essential field of academia.
 A limited number of copies of Science for Conservation are printed, so the bulletin is only distributed to relevant institutions. Thus, every article will be available on the Internet in PDF format, starting with Vol. 1. If you are interested, feel free to have a look (; we welcome your interest in our activities.

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