Inviting Cambodian Colleagues from the APSARA National Authority

To enhance mutual exchanges related to the ongoing cooperation project for the conservation and sustainable development of the Angkor archaeological site in Cambodia, TOBUNKEN invited technical staff members from the Authority for the Protection of the Site and the Management of the Region of Angkor (APSARA National Authority) from February 13th to 19th.

The individuals who visited Japan on this occasion included Deputy Director General KIM Sothin and Director of the Department of Conservation of Monuments and Preventive Archaeology SOM Sopharath, along with Mr. SEA Sophearun who served as the focal point for our cooperation at the APSARA until last year (now affiliated with the Sambo Prei Kuk National Authority). Following the seminar at TOBUNKEN commemorating the completion of our collaborative full-scale restoration project for the east gate of the TaNei temple on February 14th, we embarked on a study tour to the Kyushu and Kansai regions from the 15th to the 18th. The tour focused on practical examples of preserving nationally designated heritage buildings and developing archaeological sites.

Despite the tight schedule lasting less than a week, experts from both countries engaged in heritage conservation research and fieldwork participated in enthusiastic discussions during the seminar and study tour. This proved to be a valuable opportunity for deepening mutual understanding of various aspects including heritage value, preservation techniques, development methodologies, and more.

Top: Discussions during the seminar commemorating the completion of the restoration of the east gate of the TaNei temple in Angkor 

Bottom: Group photo taken at Shofukuji temple in Nagasaki (Mr. KIM Sothin is second from the right in the front row, Mr. SOM Sopharath is first from the right in the front row, and Mr. SEA Sophearun is second from the left in the front row)

*Financial support for this invitation program is provided by the Foundation for Cultural Heritage and Art Research.