ICOMOS Japan Prize 2015 and ICOMOS Japan Honorable Mention Award 2015 Winners Announced

years:December 2015

On December 12, the winners of the ICOMOS Japan Prize 2015 as well as the ICOMOS Japan Honorable Mention Award were announced. The ICOMOS Japan Prize aims to encourage the preservation and conservation of structures, groups of historic buildings, cultural landscapes, monuments and historic ruins as well as historic sites. The ICOMOS Japan Honorable Mention Award is specifically aimed at young researchers and encourages their academic research. The ICOMOS Japan Prize was given to YAMADE Tamotsu (Former Mayor of Kanazawa City), who has steadfastly maintained Kanazawa’s reputation as a city of history and culture through his outstanding achievements in promoting the city’s historical and environmental preservation measures. The ICOMOS Japan Honorable Mention Award was shared between TOYOKAWA Saikaku (Assistant Professor, Oyama National College of Technology), who has advanced his research in the history of modern architecture and urban planning, for his monograph titled ‘Architectural Theories and Practices by Kenzō Tange’ and his edited book titled ‘Tange Kenzō and KENZO TANGE’ and TORIUMI Motoki (Assistant Professor, Tokyo Metropolitan University), who conducted a series of studies on the protection of cultural heritage in France. (Japanese)

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