Exhibition ‘Matsumoto Shunsuke’ Opened

years:April 2012

On April 14, the exhibition ‘Matsumoto Shunsuke’ opened at the Iwate Museum of Art to commemorate the centenary of his birth (until May 27). Although a number of retrospectives of yōga artist MATSUMOTO Shunsuke, whose poetic works had attracted many people, had been held in the past, this exhibition focused more on introducing materials than previous exhibitions and provided more concrete information on the background to his work. The exhibition travelled to the Museum of Modern Art, Hayama (June 9 – July 22), the Miyagi Museum of Art (August 4 – September 17), the Shimane Art Museum (September 29 – November 11) and the Setagaya Art Museum (November 23 – January 14, 2013). (Japanese)

created: 30/01/2023
modified: 15/02/2023 (Update History)
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